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Future of Cleantech,

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Test, Integrate, Scale

Ambient Manufacturing

Deposition temperatures as low as 25°C under atmospheric pressure. Incumbent vacuum technologies require complicated instrumentation that slows throughput and consumes more energy, translating to a higher manufacturing cost.

Best-In-Class Coatings 

Our nanotechnology produces smooth, conformal, and pinhole-free coatings with high degree of thickness and composition control. The ultrathin films will significantly improve device performance and provide additional functionalities without compromising its original properties.

Versatile Material Application

Our process enables nanocoatings on any kind of flat substrates with various thicknesses and geometries, such as silicon wafers, glasses, plastics, metals, membranes, and fabrics. Conformal coating allows uniform deposition on porous or high aspect ratio surfaces. 

How it works

Nfinite's rapid open-air spatial atomic layer deposition (SALD) produces nanoscale thin films via surface-limited, self-terminated method.

Rapid Production

Our platform can synthesize and apply nanocoatings on different applications. The modular and easily scalable design enables quick market entry and large-scale production. The process can be equipped with robotic automation, characterization techniques, and machine learning for process optimization.




Improve moisture barrier performance by 50x to make sustainable packaging viable


Functionalize fabrics with antimicrobial properties


Enhance interfacial stability for safer and higher performance batteries

Solar Cells.png

Improve perovskite solar cell lifetime by 2x

Please contact us to discuss how we can enable your sustainable products through our coating services, pilots, and commercial partnerships.

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